About Us

If the passion becomes your purpose, it will
soon become your profession

Simply put,
we love this game of Football

At Soccerji we believe that the sport has the power to heal, bridge gaps across borders and fulfil the dreams of anyone who dares and believes in self.

Soccerji brings all those who are related to this sport on a common platform. The opportunities are endless and so is our passion for the game...

Our Mission:

To help all those related to this sport have better opportunities. Soccerji is for all those who share an equal passion for the game.

Our Story

For our founders, Uditya and Aum, football was all about passion, it was all about the desire to go out and play, and yes, there were stumbling blocks on the way, but, the passion saw them through.

After School Uditya kept on playing and moved to Pune to play for a local club and it was here, where he faced a lot of difficulties. There was a great dearth of organised clubs and opportunities and well, while there were problems, there were also solutions to be had. Here he met a number of players who too were looking for new clubs and opportunities. As he dabbled on, he found out that football as a community was extremely unorganised.

He also realised that there was no awareness or proper guidance to people who wanted to make a career in the sport. It was extremely tough for players to find good clubs to play for and vice-a-versa and hence, there were no talkers for the talent which was screaming
through the ranks.

Amidst all this, Uditya met with Aum who was already heading a successful startup after his college and they found out about their shared interests and thus, Soccerji saw the light of the day.

One year in to the development and meeting with people across the football community, knowing the hurdles they face everyday, our passion and morale got boosted when we got recognised as an Official Startup by the Government of India under StartUp India Initiative.

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